Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Golden Time

Original Watercolor
Title: Golden Time
Image size: 11”x 15" With mat : 16”x 20”
Price: $500.00+Shipping Fee.


  1. Hi Osamu san,
    I haven't posted since you found this new site for your blog. You also know me as enna smile or as a friend of Jun in Japan.
    I have been enjoying reading your comments and admiring your watercolors. Thank you for all of your beautiful art work!
    Jun and I also have a friend in CA named Ralph who has bought some of your lovely cards at your booth in Little Tokyo in L.A.. Hopefully he will be able to visit you at this year's Nisei Festival. I also hope one day to be able to see your watercolors in person and to buy one or two to hang in my home. One day I will fly from the East Coast to view your West Coast art, I promise!
    On your former website you displayed your watercolors by style, like landscapes, flowers or abstract. Do you have any website right now that shows your various styles of watercolors?

  2. enna-san

    I remember you very well and Ralph. He came to my desplay at Nisei Week festival couple of years ago. I will have a booth there again this year, I hope Ralph will visit me and buy a large original painting this time.And I will be a rich artist in LA. Hahaha,,,,.

  3. Hi again Osamu san,

    Will you have a display booth for both weekends of this year's Nisei Festival? On Aug 15-16 and Aug 22-23?

  4. Hi enna

    I will be there on both weekends.