Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Snow Mountain

Original Watercolor
Title: Snow Covered Mountain
Image size: 11”x 15" With mat : 16”x 20”
Price: $300.00+Shipping Fee.


  1. Hi Osamu san,
    I hope your skin is feeling less dry today.
    Sometimes when your skin gets dry, for no particular reason there are a few things to think about or question. Did you recently change your brand of laundry detergent, body soap or dry cleaners? Do you have any food allergies? Have you been eating or drinking more than usual of one type of food or beverage? Are you getting enough of vitamin E, vitamin A or other nutrients that help keep the skin smooth?
    I used to have a very bad case of eczema caused by some food allergies and a vitamin A deficiency, so now when my skin gets very dry I pay attention to what changed in my life. Sometimes when I eat too much chocolate I can see the difference the next day.
    Sorry for such a long post. but I thought it might help. The lotion is going on the outside of your body but sometimes the dry skin is being caused by what is going on on the inside of your body.
    Just some things to think about before you go see the dermatologist.

  2. To Enna
    Thank you Enna for all these information. Actually I thought about all kind of possibilities. I have to find out that if I have any food allergies or some other allergies. During the trip I can't maintain my Japanese diet, So I ate a lot of food I usually not eat.At least, I am going to be very careful about my skin and other health matter from now on.