Monday, April 26, 2010

Secret Pond

When I went to a breakfast gathering in Little Tokyo, I made a stupid mistake. I forgot to turn off the headlight of a rent-a-car. It was a small car, Toyota Yaris. I rented this because I was told that it is the most economical car they have. However, I had to operate everything by manually. I didn't mind that, actually, I liked it. Three hours later, I came back to the car and found that the battery was totally flat. Even though, I had a little trouble, I was an optimistic about the incident. It was nothing to worry about, wait thirty minutes or an hour and the battery will be bring back to life. Therefor, I waited and waited. Thirty minutes passed, an hour, two hours, but still the battery was flat. Finally, I gave up and called auto club. Later. I found that the battery was old, It was almost time to change to new one. May be that the reason the battery didn't recover by just waiting.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hokkaido Snow scene

I took two latest works of mine to San Gabriel Art Association Show. This time I spent too much time for the first painting, therefor, I didn't have enough time to paint second one. But I painted it anyway, I did it within three hours, It was the fastest record of my painting time for that size.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Our watercolor class is like a social club. Students are nice Japanese ladies. I didn't make it that way. When I took over from a former instructor ( She was lady), it was already all ladies class. We have hot tea and cookies. Oh, yes we have a mail student and he is only American. What's interesting watercolor class we have.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The First Snow in Aspendale

I am going to do an exhibition in Japan for the first time. A location of the exhibition is rural city at Gunma Prefecture. At this point, I don't care where I have the exhibition, I am happy to show my original painting in Japan. This watercolor painting titled "The First Snow in Aspendale is one of my works display at the exhibition.