Friday, August 27, 2010

Laundry Room

I took one of my paintings to SGFAA gallery. We are going to have an invitational artist show on September. When I was carrying my painting in the parking lot of the gallery, a man approached me and said "Where is the gallery? do you know?" So, I told him where to go. Obviously, he is one of the artists. After I finished a registration, I talked him and found he is the artist I always admire his work. His name it Tom Fong. I love his loose style painting technic. I had nice conversation with him and came home. It was hot in San Gabriel. I had no reason to stay there longer in the heat. I rushed back home and took a nap immediately. And now I feel refreshed and writing this diary.


  1. Hi Osamu, I like the violet shadows on the box in the middle of the room. Great contrast with the rest sun-lit area.

  2. Hi Irina

    Thank you for your nice comment.
    When I painted this a lot of sunlight in the room. I like to paint strong light in the painting.