Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Secret place

Finally, I bought a new digital camera. I have tried to make my first watercolor video for You Tube with my old camera and a result was not I expected. Even though, I upload to You Tube. Obviously, I wanted make a better one. However, my camera is almost ten years old and the longest shooting time is only 40 seconds and no sound. Therefore, I had hard time to shooting and editing it. That's the reason I got the new camera. The new camera is like a dream, I can shoot movie over 160 minutes non stop. And it has a very good sound system. Then, I made a new video with new camera quickly. It was great. I had uploaded to You Tube right after I finished editing it. Do you want to see it?
Check this : Watercolor Video


  1. Hi Osamu san,
    Your watercolor video on YouTube looks beautiful! Congratulations on your successful video. Enjoy your new digital camera. Perhaps you and Ralph M. can meet sometime because he takes lovely videos also.

    Sorry I missed your birthday in July so.......

    Happy Belated Birthday Osamu san!!!

  2. Thank you Enna.

    I enjoyed making the video very much. I am going to study more about making video and make better one. I might to see Ralph during Nisei Week Festival. I am going to have a booth there.