Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Have a Good Dream

The net shopping is dangerous. A card number might have stolen. Some one might steal my identity and create a new credit card under my name. As result of that I will be saddled with huge debts. I got a such suspicious mind, I had been stayed away from net shopping for a long time. However, after I tried it once, I quickly found that the net shopping is so convenient and reasonable prices. I take advantage of the net shopping quite often in recent days.

Actually, I have been waiting to receive my new two purchases from two different stores. As you know, a happiness for senior is receiving a package. That why we order things we really don't need.


  1. Dear Osamu,
    Lovely watercolor! Enjoy sunshine and a cuppa with friends. Have a nice day.
    Cheers, Sadami

  2. Thank you Sadami

    We had a cool day today. I went to a Tai-Chi class for a senior citizen. However, I still have a lot of trouble following the movement. I think watercolor painting is much easier.

  3. Hi Osamu.
    From your beautiful painting I thought you are 30 something years old: quite experienced in watercolors but still have a great fresh taste. I guess art doesn't have an age.
    My mother-in-low still doesn't do any shopping on-line. She calls my hubby every time she wants to buy something on Amazon ;)
    Don't worry getting ripped on-line; just make your choices wisely. Do not place your card number to the web site where is no little lock icon on the very bottom corner of the screen.

    I am actually buying all my Christmas gifts on-line these days. It is so convenient, really :)

    Have a great day Osamu,

  4. Hi Irina

    I have to admit that web shopping is very convenient and I can find a good deal. I will do more and more web shopping in my future. I buy most of business related supplies from web stores.