Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My pet cat. Her name was Tama. She had lived for 12 years and went to a pet heaven. I drew her and panted her thousand times.


  1. Hi Osamu san,
    I enjoy your paintings of Tama. She looks like she had a sweet spirit. I looked up the meaning of Tama online and I found several. What did your Tama's name mean? Any of these:

    Tama can have multiple meanings in Japanese depending on the way it is written:
    魂 this tama means "soul"
    球 this tama means "Sphere"
    玉 this tama means "ball"
    弾 this one means "bullet"

    Or I even read it might mean "jewel."

    P.S. I have two 13 year old cats who are brothers. Or maybe they have me as a pet. :)

  2. Hi Enna

    My cat's name Tama means jewel in Japanese old term. Also, this is the most common name for female cat name.

  3. Hi again Osamu san,

    That is a lovely name. Tama was a most precious jewel. I bet you she is having fun in kitty heaven. How many cats can brag to other cats that they were painted so many times? :) She will live forever in your beautiful watercolors.

  4. Hi Enna

    Thank you for the nice comment. I think about Tama every time I see paintings of her.