Sunday, December 19, 2010

June lake

Wow, It's such a heavy rain in Southern California. The storm will be with us until next week. I hope it get better before Christmas. Meanwhile, I went to Little Tokyo to join our breakfast meeting early in the morning, and it was more than enough driving in the rain for today. I stayed home rest of the day and painting.
 Subject of the painting was Yosemite scene which one of my students brought me last watercolor class. It was against my rule to use a someone else's photograph. But it was just fun.
 My imac rebelled against me last night. Suddenly, it lost the control of everything and blacked out. I frantically looked for the manual and tried to find the solutions.  It said check the batteries push three keys on same time and all kind of things not working. And the end it said "pull the power plug off and reconnect and push the power button. Hey, why didn't you say so at the first time. But thank you, my imac is working now.

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