Thursday, January 20, 2011


I had an audition this afternoon. A location was the same studio I once had a commercial work shop. It located in studio city. I had to sing a Japanese song and it was fun audition. All these experiences spiced up my life. It's great life.


  1. Hi Osamu san,
    Your audition experience sounded like it was fun. Thank you for sharing it with us along with your beautiful Poppies painting. Both so joyful!

  2. I am glad you had fun...Love the poppies...

  3. Hi Enna
    This is one of my favorite paintings. I had painted this a log time ago.

  4. Hi Karen

    It was a fun experience to attend an audition. If I got a job even better.

  5. Hi Osamu san,
    I almost ordered this Poppies painting as a greeting card. You may have painted it a long time ago, but the flowers will always look as fresh as a day in Springtime. I can see why it is one of your favorites.

  6. Hi Enna

    Yes, this is old painting and my favorite.