Friday, May 6, 2011

Stone Bridge

Help! when I came back from morning walk I saw thousand of ants attacking my breakfast. I couldn't believe my eyes. The two blueberry muffins that leftover from yesterday, I kept them in a paper bag on my working table. Anyway, right after I came home I made a cup of coffee and open the paper bag and I saw them in there. Not only in the bag, they were every where. I like it or not the ant season had come.  I took the paper bag into the freezer. It was my way of fighting back. I had no reason to giving up my precious breakfast. Ten minutes later,  I took out the bag and checked inside. They were all rest in peace. good! I mumbled. After that, I put the muffins into the oven and heated a little. And I took out the plate and I saw the some ants still running around the muffins. The oven heat brought them back to life. So, I blew off the ants and enjoyed the muffins.

By the way, what happened with my ally spiders, the long thin legged spiders. Every ant season they came to my house and take care of the ants. The ants are their favorite food. I haven't  seen then this season yet.  "You are welcome to my house"

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