Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stone Bridge

 I wrote about hiked the Mirror Lake on second day in Yosemite. The same day at my first watercolor class, One of my students told me about very nice area further way passed the lake. Even though, I went there for three or four times I never seen the place. Because, I thought that there was nothing beyond the first part of the lake. I got so curious about this secret pond (It more likely part of Mirror Lake). I felt that I have to go there and find it. So, I tried it after breakfast and before the class. Even though, It was not really enough time. I was happy I did. It was a kind of mystical place. I took a lot of pictures. I will paint them when I go back to Los Angeles.

 Also, on the way back to art center from the lake, I saw five young people gathering on the mountain road and they were looking something in the wood. One of them, young girl came to me and took my arm and said "Look over there, Bear cub. Do you see?" I looked at the area she pointed and I saw the little bear eating something on the ground. It was kind of cute, but my concern was were is mother.

My last watercolor class was excellent. I did the good demonstration. The picture for today is my last day demonstration piece. (Stone Bridge)

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