Friday, September 9, 2011


 Since yesterday's miserable experience, I was much wiser today. I chose a location carefully. I decided to go to the place it called "Church Bowl. It was a nice shady spot surrounded by big trees. My choice was perfect this time. Nice breeze a lot of benches even portable toilet in the location. As long as working condition is right, even a dull subject became great painting.

 I was almost sure that I don''t have any messages in my answering machine in my Los Angeles home. But I checked it anyway. Surprisingly, I had four messages. and all of them were from one of my friend. He must called me every day. That was strange that he didn't know I am here at Yosmite. I told him about this trip and he was checking his schedule book. I hope I am not in a missing person's list at a police department by now. Immediately, I called the friend and no answer. Now, I am getting nervous, I have to call him again later. Problem was I couldn't use my cell phone in Yosemite. So, all my friend couldn't contact me.

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