Friday, December 30, 2011


I have fixed the light fixture in the living room and the bed room.  When I had changed a light bulb a couple of weeks ago it sparked and scared me. The house is very old. I noticed wires in the fixture were bad condition. Part of them were totally naked. I believe that was the cause of short circuit. I cleaned a Glass light shade and covered the naked electric wire with insulation tape. It was a just little job but I felt great afterward.

Monday, December 26, 2011


I was invited to friend's Christmas eve dinner and helper. I went there in the morning. I don't cook but I helped moving tables carrying heavy boxes, things like that.We were expected ten guest for the dinner. However, one guy showed up unexpectedly. We have more than enough food for eleven guests but table was not big enough for eleven guests.  So, a beginning of the dinner, one of the guests who came later was standing by the table and enjoying dinner.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Otter 2

Masa, he is my artist friend. He moved to Oregon from New Orleans a year ago. But he changed his mind. After he had lived there for six months he decided to move to Japan. He had stayed there over three months and now he moved back to New Orleans again, exactly one year after he left the place.  He is a busy man.

I was on the net checking some information one day, then someone tried to contact me by Skype. It was Masa. However, it was unsuccessful. I presume, his new place doesn’t have a good internet environment. From what I know, He is using dial-up system.

I attempted skype him again late and it was successfully this time. A Problem was I couldn’t hear him. Also, I don’t know if he could hear me or not. Anyway, I keep talking as if to say he can hear me. I said “can you hear me” or something to that effect. Then I saw him picked up a small sketch book in front of the camera. There were black large prints on it. It said “I can hear you.” great! At least he could hear me. After that I talked him and he responded by writing. It was interesting communication. But it was so slow. Finally, we switched to skype telephone. I felt that how wonderful to talk each other like this.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I found Norm's restaurant in my area. When I had a dinner at Norm's in Hollywood I enjoyed so much, After that, I have been looking for one close by my house.  I decided to take my friend there and check that if they have same quality of food as the other one.
We took his car to the restaurant. We didn’t have any trouble get there. But he missed an entrance into parking area. And our trouble started. Because, the location of the restaurant is near the freeway we couldn’t come back same place easy. We lost in a maze of streets. finally, my friend said “Forget it! let go somewhere else.” It was already late for lunch and we were hungry. So, We were heading to Marukai store instead. We planed to do some shopping there anyway. They have a nice food court. Happily, we had a good ramen-noodles there. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oak Tree

Out of the blue, Mori Called me on early morning. He lives in Long Beach. I haven’t seen him for long time. I send my news letter every month, so, he knew my latest activity. “Let have a lunch together soon” He said. ”Yes, that’s good idea. ” I said. “I  like to have a good ramen-noodles.” He said. I suggested the ramen restaurant I like in Gardena. We went there before. He knows the place. But he said that he found a better place in pacific square. That where I go shopping to Japanese food market often. It’s located in the square. I didn’t know there is a ramen place. He told me an exact location and I realized that the place where many restaurant come and gone in the past. Finally, I stopped pay attention what kind of restaurant in there now. “They are good, you should try it.” he said.

We made that conversation week ago, and I got curious about the restaurant. So, I went to the new ramen place finally.  It was quite busy place. When I got there some people were waiting to be seated. So, I stood in the waiting line myself. Fortunately, the line moved quickly. I didn’t have to wait that long. Soon, waitress came and I sat at the counter.  I ordered Syoyu-Ramen. I believe this is a basic of ramen. If it’t good I would say this is good ramen place.

To make a long story short, it was good. I enjoyed it. However, if I have to choose my old ramen place or this one, I will take the old place with out hesitation.

I imagine that ninety five percent of Japanese like a ramen. As matter of fact, I can’t recall that any Japanese said  “I don’t like ramen.” or something to that effect before. I think ramen is very popular among Japanese people as popular as hamburger in USA.

Friday, December 16, 2011


I buy gasoline when it get lower than the half tank.  But some time I wait until it get one fourth. However, when I saw the fuel gauge in the car this time, it was all the way down almost empty. So, I decided to go to chevron station. I always buy fuel at the chevron station, because I have a card. If I buy it with cash, I have to get in a store and wait at the counter. I don’t like to wait.
I took the card and slid through a machine, lifted hose connected fuel tank, and pumped. While I waited, I was watching numbers of gallon and price were moving quickly. Since fuel tank was almost empty, I thought this is a perfect time to find out how many gallons of fuel get into the tank to fill it.

I was not sure, but I presumed that the tank could take ten or eleven gallons. So, I was watching the number carefully. Finally, it hit eleven gallons but it kept going up. I couldn’t believe it possible to take more than eleven gallons. When it hit almost twelve, I turned to my car and I saw gasoline was leaking from the hose. I stopped pump immediately, but it was too late. Floor was flooded with gasoline. I smelled strong fume. Is was scary condition. It might catch fire. I was afraid to start engine. Fortunately, nothing happened when I turned the ignition.

Autumn Leaves

     I got an audition notice. Its time was five thirty in the evening. Please don’t force me to drive in middle of rush hour. I  mumbled to myself. However, I have to go, unless I have a good excuse such as my mother died or something to that effect. Unfortunately, I don’t have parents to help me for that anymore.

     I tell you from my experience, audition is all about the rejection.  If you can’t take it you are in wrong business. I am taking it pretty good. I have been rejected by audition 98 percent of the time for last over two years. Surprisingly, I am still hear.

     Hey guys, don’t get me wrong. Actually, I am enjoying to be rejected. After all life is all about the rejections.     really.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Waiting for a Grandson

My friend who lives in Laguna Wood retirement community sent me a DVD. He visits Japan in Spring and Fall twice a year. Every time he is in Japan. He challenges to 88 temples pilgrimage. The DVD was all about his experience and he made it by himself. It was a good job. I didn't know that he has a talent to create DVD like this. After I enjoyed it I wanted to go to Japan and try shikoku 88 temples pilgrimage myself.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bishop Creek

My friend N gave me a box of chocolate and said “Share this with your students at the watercolor class.” So, I took it to the class. However, we didn’t eat them. A one of the students suggested me that we should take it to community center office downstairs. I thought that was a great idea. To tell you the truth, We are in the middle of negotiations of our room reservation for next year. So, we went to the office and handed the box of chocolate and said “We want you to enjoy this in the office.” Sure enough, near the and of the class we got a good news from the office. we got the permission to use this room for next year.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Studay from an old master oil painting

I made three watercolor instruction videos. They were made for a net watercolor class students. Video is the great tool when I teach students using internet. This time I tried to explain about Thumbnail sketch and Negative painting for beginners. After I finished them I upload to You tube and send the address to the students. It was an easy work.