Sunday, December 18, 2011

Oak Tree

Out of the blue, Mori Called me on early morning. He lives in Long Beach. I haven’t seen him for long time. I send my news letter every month, so, he knew my latest activity. “Let have a lunch together soon” He said. ”Yes, that’s good idea. ” I said. “I  like to have a good ramen-noodles.” He said. I suggested the ramen restaurant I like in Gardena. We went there before. He knows the place. But he said that he found a better place in pacific square. That where I go shopping to Japanese food market often. It’s located in the square. I didn’t know there is a ramen place. He told me an exact location and I realized that the place where many restaurant come and gone in the past. Finally, I stopped pay attention what kind of restaurant in there now. “They are good, you should try it.” he said.

We made that conversation week ago, and I got curious about the restaurant. So, I went to the new ramen place finally.  It was quite busy place. When I got there some people were waiting to be seated. So, I stood in the waiting line myself. Fortunately, the line moved quickly. I didn’t have to wait that long. Soon, waitress came and I sat at the counter.  I ordered Syoyu-Ramen. I believe this is a basic of ramen. If it’t good I would say this is good ramen place.

To make a long story short, it was good. I enjoyed it. However, if I have to choose my old ramen place or this one, I will take the old place with out hesitation.

I imagine that ninety five percent of Japanese like a ramen. As matter of fact, I can’t recall that any Japanese said  “I don’t like ramen.” or something to that effect before. I think ramen is very popular among Japanese people as popular as hamburger in USA.

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