Sunday, January 15, 2012


 I went to Old Town Music Hall with my friend. He told me that he likes to watch  old movies and enjoy watching old movie stars. So, I suggested that why don’t you go to this theater in city of El Segundo. This is the theater where show silent movies and 1930’s old movies. I knew this place because I use to make signs for the oner.  Finally, for the last Saturday,  the friend and I went to the theater. I went to his house first and we took his car to the theater. We had light meals on the way to the theater. It was the first time to my friend but I use to go there often, however, it was almost eighteen years ago. Since I quit my sign business I have never been there. After all these years, I decided to take my friend there. In the end, We both enjoyed pipe organ and silent movies and nice dinner.

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