Monday, March 19, 2012


I don't understand why I need a Cordless mouse and a keyboard for my imac. It is a desktop computer, I don't have to carry around here and there. If the computer just stay there on top of the desk I don't need cordless. I am OK using USB connection. Hear me out, When I bought my new imac It came with the cordless mouse and the keyboard. Both of them need buttery to operate. so far no problem but trouble is buttery lose juice so quickly I feel that I am changing it every month. It's wasting energy. And then, one of readers of my blog commented that If I switch of them when I don't use it will work much longer than switch on all the time. Also she said that her mouse and keyboard keep working forever without changing buttery. I thought that make sense.  Wow, good news, why I didn't think of that before.

 Since then I have been fallowing the advice. I switch off them when I don't use it. What more, I wrote the date of changed buttery last time to find out how long buttery works this time. Surprisingly,  buttery was out just after forty six days. I thought it was shorter life than before. What did I do wrong this time. However, I will tray the experiment one more time. And if its life still short like this I will take them outside and crush them into pieces.

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