Saturday, September 8, 2012


   Finally, a one week watercolor class was over. It was my last class this afternoon. I had a great class this year. A lot of students came to the class and gave me a positive energy.  Somehow, this year's watercolor class was different from previous years. The students were more eager to learn. More than seventy percent of the students were well prepared. Therefore, it was relatively easy to teach. In other words, the quality of student were high. It was the best class I ever had in Yosemite. I am looking forward to come back Yosemite already. 


  1. Very nice Osamu. Put me down for next year! I'm not afraid of Hantavirus :) Old pal... Darryl Yee

  2. Hi Darryl
    Are you painting every day? I am going to do an exhibition in Japan this fall. So, I am painting a lot of new one for it.