Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yosemite Valley

   I didn't have a time for morning walk. Because, I started a big cooking this morning. I cooked curry and rice. I brought packs of instant curry, but I wanted make a fresh one. To tell you the truth, I bought a lot of vegetables and I didn't want waste them.

   I had good watercolor classes so far. A lot of students showed up each class. There are all had some experiences of watercolor painting before, so it was easy to teach.  I enjoyed every minutes of them.


  1. Linda, linda, linda, Osamu. Sem palavras. O reflexo na água...

  2. so beautiful, your talent is marvelous :)

  3. Hi Souza
    Thank you for your nice comment.

  4. Hi Marite
    Thank you! . Your nice comment gives me energy to paint more. Come visit my blog again. You will see more new paintings.

  5. Oh my gosh this is so compelling. Nature really does wonders. They always pull you in to its beauty.
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  6. Hi Mir Rose
    Green trees, clear water, beautiful light, perfect landscape. I had to paint it.