Monday, May 18, 2009

Hide and seek

Original Watercolor
Image size: 11"x 15"
With mat : 16" x 20"
Price: $300.00+Shipping Fee.

A friend of mine came visit me in the morning. His name is Jay.
He comes to my house almost every Saturday morning and we chat for an hour.
It became almost a Saturday morning ritual.

After Jay left, I had a telephone call from the other friend Noel.
He invited me to a reception of some historical exhibition at the LACMA.
I am not crazy about historical anything but I like an idea going out.
Because, I spend too much time at home alone.
I enjoy being alone but it's not good for me.

I arrived his house by seven in the evening.
His two friendly dogs meet me at the door first and Noel.
I read a exhibition catalog while he is changing clothe.
The title of the exhibition is "Pompeii and the Roman Villa. "
Even though I am not interested in the show,
this is a reception and it means they have free drinks and snacks.

When we arrived at the LACMA, it is getting dark already
and long waiting line front of an entrance.
Finally we get in the reception. We enjoyed nice coffee and cookies.
They had wine, too. But I didn't have it. I have to drive.
Fact is wain is not free.

Surprisingly, we have to wait in other line to get in the exhibition.
Because, there are so many people.
The exhibition hall can take only certain number of people at each time.
If you wanted to be a cultured person you should have a patience.

I enjoyed the exhibition more than I expected.
Especially, I was impressed by some paintings.
We left LACMA a little before eleven and we had midnight snack
at the coffee shop.
I didn't have a night out for long time,
so it was refreshing experience and I had nice time.

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