Monday, May 18, 2009

Yosemite National Park

In the early morning, my friend and I had English reading exercise at his house. We have been doing this exercise whenever we both have time.

After that, I went to shopping at the Ralph's market. I had only a couple of things I needed there. Those were an oatmeal and some sweets for my tea time. I finished it quick and rush to a cashier. Then I found that they have only one cashier was opening. A big man with a feather duster in his back pocket announced that they have a computer problem. So, there was a long waiting line at the only opened cashier. However, minute later the same man said "Now computer is working again, gentle man come over this way." He took me to an other cashier. I thought I am lucky. There was only a old man front of me.

A girl in the cashier put all the item through a computer and pushed button and said "It's not working." Oh, no, not again. I couldn't help it but just laughing. The big man appeared again and played on the keyboard for few seconds and it started working again. Even though, I spent more time than I expected at the market I felt good. Because weather is wonderful and most of all I got an interesting story to write about in my journal and it is my homework, too.


  1. What!
    Do you have sweats at tea time?

    I guess you meat sweet.

  2. Thank you Anonymous

    LOL, Yes, you are right.
    I will chang it.