Friday, July 9, 2010

Blue Mountain

I went to LAX. A guest from New Orleans will arrive there in the evening. He will changes a plane from a domestic flight to an international flight to Japan in here. And he will stay my place tonight. His flight to Japan leaves tomorrow morning.
I was arrived the airport a little bit earlier. Well then, I can wait here until the guest come out. But it wasn't the case, because an airport police and a security guard rushed toward me and shout " You can't wait here, go,go,go!" I didn't have a chance to say anything. Obviously, I couldn't fight with them. I moved out and drove around inside the airport as slow as possible.
When I came back at the same spot, the guest was there looking for me. I drove right front of him and smiled at him. However, he was not looking at me. I banged the passenger side window to get his attention. Still he was not looking at me. I honked, but no reaction from him. Then I remember the word my friend said in his mail " He has very bad eye sight." So, I got out of the car and stand right front of him and said "Hello." Finally, he saw me and we shacked our hands.
After that, we went to a restaurant near by and enjoyed a dinner.

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