Sunday, September 12, 2010


I left Yosemite valley in the early Sunday morning. I felt very good, because I had a lot of students in my class and sold some artworks. I left early in the morning because I wanted take some pictures of sunrise at the entrance of the tunnel. I can see a panoramic valley scene from there. But it was a little disappointment. Because of a direction of sunrise, sunlight didn't hit the El Captain as I expected. I took some pictures anyway.

It took almost an hour to get a park exit from the Yosemite valley. When the sun rose higher, some times it got into my eyes directly and made me a blind for a moment. When it happened for the third time. I had a scary experience. I couldn't see anything front of me, I missed stop sign and drove though ten yard or so and I stopped. When I regained my vision I already passed the park exit. Then tall young mountain ranger came out from a hut and said "Did you missed the stop sign or were you speeding?" I said "No." "You mean neither." the ranger said. "I was momentary blinded by the sunlight." " Oh, I see. all right. do you have a pass." I showed the artist pass. That was all. He said, "you can go now. Drive carefully."

While I was driving the mountain road I thought about the incident. More I thought about it I felt more that I was lucky. If it was busy time I might hit a incoming car and got into serious accident. A guardian angel was watching me that what I felt. Thank you, thank you, thank you.