Sunday, October 3, 2010


SGFAA show was over so quickly. It was only two days weekend show. I went to gallery and picked up my art works. I am going to have a lot of time after this. that is good thing, because I can concentrate to paint new watercolor.

Nowadays, more and more art show organizers  ask us to use an acrylic sheet for a picture frame for a safety reason. I seldom use acrylic sheet, because I believe its surface is softer than the glass therefor it's tend to scratch easy. Beside I have a large stock of glass sheet, I don't want to waste them. However, using glass for the picture frame will be the thing of the past vary soon, I have to start using acrylic sheet or no more entry to a show.


  1. Dear Osmu,
    Beautiful work. Hopefully, you can find a good solution for glass.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  2. Hi Sadami

    Thank you for the comment. I guess I have to use an acrylic sheet no matter what. Organizer got very nervous about a safety nowadays. Or all ways?