Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yosemite in Red

I had gone to a park after I picked up my medicine at a pharmacy. I use to come here often during my morning walk. But I stopped it because it takes over one hour walk. There is a big pond in the park. and small island in the pond. There are a lot of waterbirds and rabbits for some reason. To get the island I have to use a little bridge but the island side of the bridge has been closed for long time. Fact is I never seen it open for public.

I took walk around the pond and when I came to the bridge, I saw a old man fishing there. I stopped and looking at him, because I saw a cute rabbit behind him standing with its hind legs. It seems to asking some food to the man. I was so curious about the rabbit, So, I asked the man that if the rabbit is his pet. He said no. He even didn't know there was rabbit right behind him.

I started taking picture. It was very friendly thing, it wasn't afraid of me at all. I even took a video, too. I am going to edit it and upload to YouTube. It had such a joyful time there. I should come here more often.

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