Monday, November 8, 2010


One of my friends and I went to a Chinese restaurant. When we made this lunch out plan, he asked me that what kind of food I like to have. We tried Japanese food last time, so I suggested him to pick up a place. But he insisted that I can decide. Finally, I said "How about Chinese?" And he agreed. However, he had no idea where is a nice Chinese restaurant around his area. Since, I supposed to come his area this time, he should find a place in his area.  After a little silence, he said "I know, we can go this restaurant at corner of Robertson and Pico street. I forgot the name of the place, because I went to that restaurant a long time ago.

We found the place easily and enjoyed meal. The name of the restaurant is 'Twin Dragons" It was not great Chinese food, but it was fairly good. However, It was not good enough to I can come back here again.

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