Friday, December 10, 2010

Hotel Room

One of my watercolor class students made me a tool box. I noticed that he asked me a lot of questions about my old tool box, but I didn't know he was making a new one. One day at the class, he showed up with the new box and he said that this is for you. It was a such surprise, I didn't know what to say. However, I was accepted it happily. LOL. My students are such nice people I am lucky to have them. So, I put a photograph of my old and new toolbox side by side. I believe you can tell which is old and which is new.


  1. I love the light that splits the room in half! Great job Osamu.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Irina
    This is the hotel room in San Fransisco where I stayed. One afternoon, I came back from the walking in the city, I saw the late afternoon sunlight came through the thick curtain in the hotel room. I took photograph and paint it later.