Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rhythm of Deap Sea

My web watercolor class has started this year. I have three students now. Even though there are only three, they make me very busy. Because the class is like a private lesson. I think five students will be more than enough to handle.


  1. Hi Osamu san and everyone reading this blog,
    I just received this "Rhythm of the Deep Sea" greeting card in the mail. It is so beautiful! I also received "Water Lily", "Crane", "Mt Fuji" and "Bamboo" (that was painted in Sumie style). They are all so lovely! The colors and images are even better than I expected! They are scanned images of Osamu san's watercolors. Each card is 5" X 7" in size. I felt they were a good price too. I plan on framimg them. I feel like I now have a mini art collection of your wonderful art work Osamu san. Thank you!

  2. Hi Enna

    I am happy that you got my greeting cards. Yes, you can start your mini art collections. I will help you. LOL