Monday, January 3, 2011


The first business day of the year. I started with bookkeeping. Like it or not, this is tax season. Sales tax and income tax.

The rain started yesterday afternoon and it continued until this morning. It was depressing. I tried to make myself busy all day. So, I don’t have time to depress.

I went to a paper company to get envelops for greeting card. It is part of my business to sell greeting cards to make bread and meat. However, I can’t find this type of envelops at a regular stationer’s  store. I had to go to a paper product whole sale store.


  1. Hi Osamu san,
    I hope the rain in your area goes away soon. We have snow in our area and I wish it would rain here so it would melt this snow.
    Osamu san I know you used to have a site where we could all see your paintings if we wanted to purchase them. Do you have any place to show us your greeting cards? If someone, not in your area, wanted to buy your cards would you mail them? Or are you showing your art on your Facebook page?

  2. Hi Enna

    Finally, the rain stopped. And the California blue sky came back.

    Yes, I can show you greeting cards on this blog. What kind of subject are you looking for. If you want buy it I will send you, too.

    All the painting on this blog are for sale. Just ask me about size, price and other information.

  3. Hi Osamu san,
    Nice to know that your CA blue skies have returned. Enjoy! We are getting more snow today.

    That is great that you can show us some of your greeting cards here. Thank you!

    I like paintings of bamboo plants, lotus flowers, peony flowers or Mt Fuji. Do you have any cards with those subjects?

  4. Hi Enna
    I will show you the cards you mentioned on this blog. So, check this blog every day, LOL

  5. Hi again Osamu san,
    Thank you so much. I will check this blog for your greeting cards daily. :)