Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still-life with Pink Rose

Recently, I have found two new places in my town. One of them was Giuliano's Delicatessen. During our watercolor class exhibition, one of the students brought us torpedo sandwiches. It was so good and I wanted to know more about it. Surprisingly, the store was located not for from my house. It's established in 1952 and very popular place among the local people. I felt like I was only one didn't know about this place.

I have found two other Giuliano's in the area. However, original and only owned by Giuliano's family is the one in Gadena. The closest store from my house. I am not serious sandwich eater but I love their sandwiches.

I took one of my friends to the store for a lunch last Friday. Inside was just an ordinary store. And way in the back, There was a little counter where we can order sandwiches.
There were tables in the front of the store. We can eat there or we can take home. We enjoyed
tuna salad sandwich at the table. I felt like that I became official citizen of the city.

Well, I will write about the other new discovery in the town next time.

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