Monday, May 23, 2011

Bedside Light

My friend Noel knows a lot of old restaurants LA area. We went to one of those restaurants. It was the Greek restaurant at the corner of Pico and Normandy.


  1. Hi Osamu san,
    I really like the way you captured the light from this bedside lamp.

  2. Hi Enna

    This is the old painting. I don't paint this style any more. However, I like it. That why I kept it.

  3. Hi Osamu san,
    Since you have mentioned your different art styles I have some questions.
    Did you develop your different styles on your own?

    Or did you learn them in art classes or by reading art books?

    Do you have a favorite style?

  4. Hi Enna

    I taught myself. I have down a million of experiments and sometimes study other artist works. But that was not my main thing. I tried to find my own things. It was hard to find something new but it was rewarding. I will keep doing that forever.

  5. Hi Osamu san,
    That is wonderful that you taught yourself so many different styles of painting! No wonder your watercolor paintings keep getting better and better! :)

  6. Hi Enna

    I have to keep experimenting until I die. LOL