Saturday, May 14, 2011

Come and Get It

I had some troubles to get in to my blog for a couple days. Finally I could get into the blog however I found some of the comments were disappeared.  Oh well, I couldn't do anything about it. So, don't be discouraged to be writing comments.


  1. Hi Osamu san,
    I am glad you were able to get back into your blog. I noticed that 2 comments were missing under the Daisy 2 painting.
    Your koi fish look good! I like the title 'Come and get it.'

  2. Thank you Enna

    This is the painting I entered our art association show. I liked it very much but judges didn't like it.LOL

  3. Hi Osamu san,
    Sorry to hear that the judges didn't choose your koi fish painting. What style of painting did they choose?
    I really like the colors in your koi fish painting and the brush strokes appear to be bolder than some of your other styles.
    Some of my favorite styles of your paintings are when you capture the light refelecting on water or showing through the trees like your Yosemite Sunrise.
    I also like your delicate flower style like your Iris painting. It is nice that you can paint so many different styles Osamu san.

  4. Hi Enna

    I don't really care what kind of paintings the judges like. I am not painting for them but for myself. So, it's very important that I feel happy about my painting first.