Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Entrance to Yosemite

 Yosemite Experience 2

 The next morning, I fond that my pick-up truck was towed away. I didn't know they had late night parking lot construction. I must have missed the warning sign. Unfortunately I had to pay towing fee and it hurt my wallet. Later, I saw the sign it said " do not park here between ten pm. through eight am." and it was behind the tree. What a trick. I thought that only LAPD would do that kind of dirty thing but I was wrong. LOL. But, as wise man said, a good thing always happen after the bad news. So, I would hope for that.
 It was free time today. I took a hike to Mirror Lake and Happy Isles. Yosemite had a little more water than last year in this season. I was surprised to see the water at Yosemite falls.  So, I hoped the lake might have some water, too. Usually, the lake is dried up for this season. As I hoped, I saw a little bit of water and stream trickled down in the creek from the lake. 

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