Sunday, November 27, 2011


Almost no exception, I go to  Little Tokyo every Sunday. I have a breakfast gathering. A restaurant where we have the breakfast open eight in the morning. However, with no reason, I go to Little Tokyo thirty or forty minutes before the time. Because, one of the members John is always there when I arrive there. So, we take a walk around the town.

At the breakfast we talk about things that happened last week.  John's favorite conversation would be a navy experiences during the Vietnam War. Also, he likes Japanese history and he watches Japanese television often. Especially, historical drama, in another word Samurai story. As far as Japanese history concern, he know hundred times more than I know. I am a Japanese and he is an American, there is something wrong in this picture.
Also, he is studying Japanese language. He can handle basic things in Japanese. Actually, he has  visited Japan once six years ago. And he is planning another one near future.

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