Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Otter 2

Masa, he is my artist friend. He moved to Oregon from New Orleans a year ago. But he changed his mind. After he had lived there for six months he decided to move to Japan. He had stayed there over three months and now he moved back to New Orleans again, exactly one year after he left the place.  He is a busy man.

I was on the net checking some information one day, then someone tried to contact me by Skype. It was Masa. However, it was unsuccessful. I presume, his new place doesn’t have a good internet environment. From what I know, He is using dial-up system.

I attempted skype him again late and it was successfully this time. A Problem was I couldn’t hear him. Also, I don’t know if he could hear me or not. Anyway, I keep talking as if to say he can hear me. I said “can you hear me” or something to that effect. Then I saw him picked up a small sketch book in front of the camera. There were black large prints on it. It said “I can hear you.” great! At least he could hear me. After that I talked him and he responded by writing. It was interesting communication. But it was so slow. Finally, we switched to skype telephone. I felt that how wonderful to talk each other like this.


  1. Dear Osamu,
    Thank you for the wonderful work and the sweet message.
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
    Best wishes,Sadami

  2. Thank you Sadami

    I enjoy your blog, too. you are very good sketching people.

  3. Hi Osamu san,
    Sorry I haven't posted here in awhile. I hope you are well and getting ready to celebrate the New Year 2012.

    I always enjoy looking at your beautiful watercolors and reading your comments here. I also am still enjoying the lovely greeting cards I purchased from you this past year and are now framed and adding beauty to my home.

    That was a funny story about your friend Masa and SKYPE. Have you tried using Gmail's phone. The e-mail address is free. And calls are free in the USA you just need to apply for a phone number through gmail or Google voice. You can call an actual phone as well as using your computer like SKYPE.

  4. Hi Enna

    Thank you for nice comment.
    There are many ways to communicate economically in internet. That's great thing for a modest living artist like me.