Friday, December 16, 2011


I buy gasoline when it get lower than the half tank.  But some time I wait until it get one fourth. However, when I saw the fuel gauge in the car this time, it was all the way down almost empty. So, I decided to go to chevron station. I always buy fuel at the chevron station, because I have a card. If I buy it with cash, I have to get in a store and wait at the counter. I don’t like to wait.
I took the card and slid through a machine, lifted hose connected fuel tank, and pumped. While I waited, I was watching numbers of gallon and price were moving quickly. Since fuel tank was almost empty, I thought this is a perfect time to find out how many gallons of fuel get into the tank to fill it.

I was not sure, but I presumed that the tank could take ten or eleven gallons. So, I was watching the number carefully. Finally, it hit eleven gallons but it kept going up. I couldn’t believe it possible to take more than eleven gallons. When it hit almost twelve, I turned to my car and I saw gasoline was leaking from the hose. I stopped pump immediately, but it was too late. Floor was flooded with gasoline. I smelled strong fume. Is was scary condition. It might catch fire. I was afraid to start engine. Fortunately, nothing happened when I turned the ignition.

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