Sunday, February 17, 2013

George came to our breakfast meeting in Little Tokyo. I haven't seen him such a log time. So, John, George and I enjoyed breakfast. George brought me a Sake bottle. He knew that I have being  collecting sake bottle for my still-life material. I need a lot of interesting object for my still-life painting. As mutter of fact when I buy a bottle of sake I choose by color and interesting design. I am concerned more about a bottle than sake itself.

 After the breakfast I straight to came home. I wanted to do painting, reading and more. I had to practice ukulele,too. I was busy and I was not hungry because I had big breakfast, so I skipped lunch I had just light snack instead. However, I had a good and satisfied dinner.


  1. This painting is beautiful. Do you have a web site where you sell your apintings?

  2. Hi bobbie
    Thank you for your comment. I don't have a special web site where I sell my painting but I sold paintings in the past more private way through web site. However, this painting was sold just recently.