Saturday, February 26, 2011

Water Lily

"We are going to have a big storm on this weekend. " That's what weather report said.  But it was a nice day today. Even though We had heavy rain on Friday night. However, it was very cold. I was shivering with cold. The old gas heater didn't help at all. It warmed up only if I stayed in front of it. Even under that condition I worked hard. I finished a news letter and I did voice over for the new watercolor demo video.

When I went outside a little before dinner, I saw beautiful sunset. It was burning red over dramatic clouds. I quickly went back to the house and I snatched my camera. I took some good pictures. I am going to paint watercolor from this photos. I was happy that I went outside even though it was cold.

Lately, I often falling sleep front of TV set. Even though when I was watching my favorite program "American Idol." This is a serious symptom of old age.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Osamu san,
    I hope your weather warmed up by now. Maybe it is time to go out and buy some sweatshirts or sweaters to keep yourself warm. I know I always feel really cold if my feet are cold, so wear some warm socks.

    I really enjoy your soft water lily painting in the rocks.

    You and Ralph really enjoy "American Idol."

    I look forward to seeing your red sunset painting one day. It sounded so beautiful!