Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stone Bridge

Emergency! emergency! I couldn't find my reading glasses. Since I came home I wasn't using it yet. I remember last time I used it, it was my friend's house. Did I left it there? I don't think so. I had been looking all over in my house.  I might put it on somewhere I never put it there before carelessly. However, I couldn't see it anywhere. I tried to be not panic. But I panicked. Without it I couldn't write or read. Finally, I called my friend and his answer was no. I have to get a new pair immediately. May be tomorrow. Than I saw it on a top of the bookcase. Why it was there. Any way I got it. I was happy. I'd better organize the small thing more carefully. 


  1. Hi Osamu san,
    I like your Stone Bridge painting. Very nice!

    Glad to hear that you found your eye glasses. I wear my eyeglasses all the time. They are tri-focals! Maybe you should consider buying an inexpensive pair of reading glasses from the drugstore as your back-up pair. They have them in stronger or weaker magnifications.

  2. Hi Enna

    It was my prescription glass, that why I was upset. I use to use a pare from a drugstore but not any more because my each eye has different vision now.